Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Waking up is no fun (unless it’s Christmas morning and you’re six years old!) Even if you are a morning person when that alarm clock goes off it can sometimes be a struggle to pull yourself from your warm, comfortable bed. So why not making the chore of waking up a little more fun? These awesome alarm clocks will put a little pep in that first step. Ranging from the funny, to the adorable, to the unique there is an alarm clock for everyone!

Dumbbell Alarm Clock

Are you a workout buff? If so this Dumbbell Alarm Clock is the perfect way to begin your morning and possibly your workout. Weighing only 1.5 pounds, it is a great ease into that morning routine.

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Dumbbell Alarm Clock Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Gun & Target Recordable Alarm Clock

Begin your day with some target practice. Maybe you have an annoying bird outside your window or a song you cannot stand, well you can custom record the noise and shoot at it to wake up with a easy,1 shot deactivation or a harder, 5 shot deactivation. Talk about having a productive morning.

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Gun Target Recordable Alarm Clock Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks


Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock

Who doesn’t love Star Wars?!?!?! Honestly! This is just a cool alarm clock and it’s the perfect way to display your love for the franchise. Also comes in Yoda, a Storm Trooper, Bobba Fett, Anakin, Darth Maul and Savage.

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LEGO Kids 9002113 Star Wars Darth Vader Mini Figure Alarm Clock Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Pac-Man Alarm Clock

Waga waga, waga waga! This hilarious blast from the past alarm clock is adorable. The iconic video game noises will help you begin your day with a little fun. Even if you are before the Pac-Man era you can still appreciate this legendary part of history.

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Pac Man Alarm Clock Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

LEGO Brick Alarm Clock

Perfect for any child who currently plays with legos or who might have in the past. This unique and fun makes for a very cool addition to any bedroom. It comes in various colors such as blue, pink and red.

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LEGO Brick Alarm Clock Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Retro Flip Down Clock – Internal Gear Operated

Add some retro to your room with this flip down clock. This old school clock is a unique spin on telling time. No one else will have this clock and it’s sure to be a talking point. It’s perfect for an office or study.

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Retro Flip Down Clock Internal Gear Operated Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Color Changing Alarm Clock with Soothing Sounds

Now this is fun! With 7 revolving colors and 4 alarm noises to ch0se from you can customize this clock to any space. This little gadget also gives you an accurate room temperature!

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Color Changing Alarm Clock with Soothing Sounds Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Alarm Clock on Wheels

Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Well if so then this is the perfect alarm clock for you! When your alarm goes off the clock will begin to wheel off your nightstand onto the ground. You have to get up to turn it off. Besides just being adorable it is functional. This would be a perfect alarm clock for a college student who had to get up for an exam! It comes in multiple colors.

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thCAZ87VDC Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Farting Alarm Clock

Haha. This is downright funny! It makes for the perfect gag gift or white elephant present. Looking for something to get your son, nephew, friends little boy or possibly even your husband…this is it!

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Farting Alarm Clock Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Rise and Shine Natural Wake-up Light

Rise and shine! This alarm clock gradually becomes lighter and lighter which helps to naturally wake you up.It also comes with your choice of four natural sound effects or the radio.
Enjoy waking up slowly by the sun. Each level of brightness calling you to gently consciousness, while enjoying the sounds of nature.

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Rise Shine® Wakeup Clock Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Tiny Splash Alarm Clock

This just a cute and colorful way to start your day. Perfect for any color room. It can serve as the focal point or the splash of color you’re looking for.

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Alarm Clock Tiny Splash Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

TriColor Hourglass Alarm Clock

This modern twist on an alarm clock is a unique way to bring modern edginess to your room. The magnetic frames are easily attachable and can be used separately as well. The hourglasses last 1 minute, 3 minutes and 5 minutes. Perhaps it can be used to teach ourselves or others patience.

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21565 zoom2 Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Teak Wood Clock – Modern Clockwork Collection

With just a clap of your hands or a tap you can watch this beautiful wood-like block turn into a clock. The stylish clock is perfect for a bedside table or in the living room as a conversation piece.

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Teak Wood Clock Modern Clockwork Collection Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock “Shake-N-Wake”

Perfect if you have trouble hearing or you don’t want to wake the person up next to you. It can be worn around your wrist or under your pillow. It gently vibrates to wake you but also comes with your choice of audible sounds.

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Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Water Powered Alarm Clock

This is a camping necessity or is a perfect Eco-friendly alternative.  This awesome alarm clock is powered by water.  All you need to do is periodically fill it with water for an ongoing time telling clock. It comes in a variety of colors.

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water powered alarm clock Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Rubiks Cube Alarm Clock

For those who love the “cube” this is a pretty cool alarm clock. This funny product serves as a clock, an alarm, a calendar and as a thermometer. You just have to twist the top to change the function. This a great gift!

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Rubiks Cube Alarm Clock Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Flying Alarm Clock

Get ready to “fly” out of bed! You’ll have to to catch the propeller and put it back on the clock in order to turn it off. Great for the person who cannot seem to get out of bed on the first alarm. It’s also a fun way to start your morning.

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Flying Alarm Clock Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

Revolutionary Jump Clock – Bounces, Lights Up and Sings

Once your alarm goes off the little sweet clock will begin jumping around flashing lights and playing music. This will give you a fun jolt of energy in the morning. Also comes in blue!

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Revolutionary Jump Clock Bounces Lights Up and Sings Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks

MedCenter Talking Reminder Clock

This alarm clock is a unique way to help you remember to take your pills. Complete with 4 daily reminders, this friendly verbal alarm notifies you of the time, date and cue to take your pill.

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MedCenter 4 Alarm Talking Reminder Clock Cool & Unique Alarm Clocks